Pride in their port, defiance in their eye.
I see the lords of humankind pass by.

Oliver Goldsmith, The Traveller


A man’s purpose (value) is his will to live, his reason to exist. It consists of his past, present and future. It’s not pride, but it does fuel confidence and accomplishment. Destroy his purpose and you remove his will to live. Destroy his confidence and you kill him. Low self-esteem stems from a lack of belief in one’s true worth caused by failure of purpose and the negative opinions of others.

Turn this around and it suggests that we can build self confidence in others by reflecting their positive attributes and potential and helping them to accomplish their purposes. Thus we build people’s sense of trust in their own value and enhance their lives.


A people champion builds another’s self-esteem, value and worth to benefit the world.

The radiance of a champion is motivated by confidence and self-esteem, energized by spirit and life, and stands on the pillars of value and good will. Observe the glory shining within all creatures and you’ll ignite their potential. But erode a person’s self-worth and watch him die!


John Smithman, The Radiance of a Champion

A flash of lightning, a break of the wave
Man passes from life to his rest in the grave.

William Knox, Mortality