Man’s Best Champions

Below find photos of champion dogs I have met.

Many are sporting Clarena’s creative designs.¬† Clarena Smithman is a champion in my family because she cares about the safety and dignity of her ‘models’. She won’t make clothes that degrade a dog’s dignity or esteem. Her prices are designed to be affordable and she devotes hours to ensure her clients are happy with their purchases from¬† Clarena Custom Coats For Canines


Toby is a Yorkie living with her owners in Edmonton, Alberta. She sports an attractive red and blue Clarena coat with reflective striping for safety.




Candy in a Clarena snowsuit.

Candy in a lined snowsuit made from water-resistant nylon and warm, flexible fleece with reflective safety stripes.


Candy in a lined, black, quilted cape with reflective safety stripes.


Candy in a lightweight, blue fleece coat to keep her warm and cosy in cool weather.


Candy standing proud in a green, lined Clarena sweater coat


Candy waiting for instructions in a brown, lightweight four-legged coat.


Clarena rewards Candy with a liver treat. Candy lives in the Greater Vancouver Area.