PCAM 2015


The annual 3 of Clubs and Pacific Coast Association of Magicians (PCAM) Conference was organized this year by Gord Boyes and Mike Norden at the Coast Chilliwack Hotel in Chilliwack, British Columbia. As the official conference photographer, I took 879 photos and 14 videos of performances and performers during the four days from Nov 19 to Nov 22.

All photos are available on one disk for $30; many thumbnails of these photos are here on this site. Contact me if you’d like a digital photo file.  The originals are in high-resolution (thousands of pixels) OR in normal resolution (800 pixels) suitable for web sites and Facebook posts.


If you attended the conference, and you are a junior magician, I offer free copies of these photos in the resolution of your choice, because parents shouldn’t have to pay for the photos. You know they pay enough already to support your magic hobby. Contact John, smithman@champions.ca for details.

John Smithman

Vancouver Magic’s Biggest Fan!